Engineering infrastructure

 NPP BELSOFT Inc. offers a wide range of services in the field of DPC engineering infrastructure development based on the equipment of different manufacturers, from designing to supplying, commissioning and start-up.

Normal operation of the whole PDC complex is based on engineering infrastructure. The performance reliability of computing center depends on the accuracy of its development.

Main subsystems of DPC engineering infrastructure:

•    guaranteed power supply subsystems
•    climatic subsystem

•    cable subsystem
•    data rack subsystem
•    monitoring and object operation subsystem


•    access control
•    video surveillance
•    security alarm system
•    gaseous suppression

The list includes only main subsystems of engineering DPC infrastructure. In a real project the number of subsystems can be wider, for example, power supply accounting system and etc.

DPC is an energy intensive structure. Modern PDC are classified by two characteristics:

•    security according to TIA (1-4);
•    Power consumption (for example, DPC with 40 kW, 100 kW).

However, regardless DPC being a complex structure, it must be dynamic to modernization, power (productivity), profile redirecting and etc.

Specialists from NPP BELSOFT Inc. have all necessary skills to design such DPC. We consider all nuances of operation of a specific object in our real projects. When designing DPC we lay a capacity for its future scaling and development.

Specialists from BELSOFT develop design solutions for the whole complex of eng
ineering DPC subsystems: 

•    light-current and power-operated cable system;
•    complex of cabinets for head-end and telecommunication equipment;
•    uninterruptible power supply;
•    specialized cabinet cooling with high-density of power consumption equip

•    Monitoring systems and environmental factors.

Moreover we implement projects in the field of informational support.

•    supply of the whole complex of equipment for network infrastructure formation
•    installation services, including specialized services in boil soft of optical cables
•  commissioning and start-up, testing of light-current networks and its transfer to exploitation

All supplied equipment is provided with warranty and post warranty services, maintenance, technical support in development or modernization.


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