Audio visual systems

CJSC BELSOFT TECHNOLOGIES Inc. is one of the leading developer and supplier of high-technological integrated audiovisual systems of different application. Over 5 years CJSC BELSOFT TECHNOLOGIES Inc. has been engaged in implementation of interactive technologies in various fields of business, education, healthcare and administration.

Audio visual systems are designed to display presentations, technical materials, advertisements and other information on screens of different sizes, tracking of manufacturing and technical information, observation of situations or messages.




We design projects, supply modern equipment and offer complex solutions and information, communication, audiovisual and interactive technologies that are becoming indespensible components of efficient business:

•    multifunctional conference-halls;
•    videoconferencing systems;
•    conference rooms;
•    distance education systems.

Audio visual systems are applied particularly in all spheres:

•    in education – to organize distance education, making education more accessible and qualitative;
•    in medical sphere – to perform remote diagnostics, emergency consultations, following-up of treatment-care, holding medical lectures, consultations, seminars;
•    in business – to hold corporate and business-to-business conderences, presentations, meetings, researches, monitoring of remote manufacturers, control over executives, communication with partners, press;
•    in energy power – for supervisory control and monitoring
•    in transport – to display layout of objects and timekeeping;
•    in advertising business – to demonstrate advertisements at bars and restaurants, hotels, shopping and entertainment centers.

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