Distance education systems

The concept of distant education is wide. There are many technologies and means that generate content for systems of distant education and that are accessible through different access technologies. Bellow you will find the following trends of distant education according to the types of the implementation:

- Virtual rooms;

- Quick tutorial systems;

- Online training;

- Systems of efficiency improving based on LMS (Learning Management System).

NPP BELSOFT Inc. offers a unique solution that allows creating content foe any above mentioned models of implementation.

Training services in case and in place they are necessary. Our solution includes interactive multimedia instruments for training, accessible to different participants. Learners can attend different courses choosing the most suitable timetable for them.

Solutions by NPP BELSOFT Inc.  for distant education allow tutors and instructors attract and hold attention of learners and to provide reinforcement of learning by making training materials interesting and interactive. You can quickly make on-line classes with adjustable exterior appearance and materials that can be used again It is even possible to provide audio materials, video materials and interactive stimulators to learners, realizing different styles of training.

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