Multifunctional conference-halls

A conference hall equipped with modern audio and video equipment shows welfare and reliability of any enterprise. Any questions can be solved in such a conference-hall. A conference hall – is a combination of systems: a debating audio system, display medium and a monitoring system.

Construction of conference-halls is a serious agenda that requires a professional approach at the stage of construction and at the stage of implementation of the project. Over the years our company has gained big experience in the field of projecting, reconstruction and construction of modern conference halls from scratch and on turnkey basis.

Hardware system of a conference hall must allow holding various events: presentations, conferences, meetings, special corporate events, video and DVD films viewing with quality audio feedback.

Each conference has a secure and convenient debating system. A standard equipment set composes a central block, a panel for a chairman, and desktop panels for delegates. The system ensures speech intensification, regulation and monitoring of discussions by using various modes of work. Additionally it is possible to connect a system of synchronous interpreting and a system of secret or open ballot.

Rapid development and growing access of telecommunication networks, simplicity of connection and decrease in price of communication channels usage make video conferencing popular.

Our company offers to equip conference halls with modern video conferencing system that will allow you inviting remote participants to your meetings.

Since a hardware system of a conference hall is complex, a specialist should be responsible for the system operation. In case of a customer does not need or want services of a specialist, we offer you to use a system of automatic scenario monitoring. Such systems are based on multi format controllers and sensor consoles of monitoring and have intuitive interface.

Our specialist will always help you to choose the best solution concerning you requirements.

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