City Video surveillance system

City video surveillance system is a fundamental component of a complex security system of a metropolis. Video image is a very important source of objective information about current situation that makes possible to take correct decisions in quickly changing conditions of a modern city.

Main tasks of the geographically distributed intellectual security system:

-         collection and reflection of video information in real time from all video cameras;

-         high quality recording and storage of video information

-         automatic analysis of large amounts of video information

-         electronic communication with enforcement authorities and emergency services;

-         providing remote access to video surveillance camras in real time and to video materials from archive;

-         integration with various automated management and collection systems.

The architecture of the distributed system is built on the following principles:

-         A single digital network of data transfer. The system is built on the basis of multiservice digital network of data transfer. The elements of which can be subnetworks with different topology and physical transmission. All subsystems of multiservice networks must be connected with a single protocol –TCP/IP;

-         Decentralization (cluster principle). The system is based on a cluster principle: each cluster includes cameras, sensors, video data transmission and archiving facilities, and if necessary working places of personnel. Clusters are built considering the convenience of allocation of equipment and optimization of data transfer networks. Each cluster involves a full-function integrate security system, capable to work in off-line mode;

-         Surveillance centers.A system is supposed to have different surveillance centers. Surveillance centers can be formed under geographically departmental criteria. Herewith  all centers in compliance with their full powers have access to video information of real time and to archive recordings ;

-         Single control. Regardless of decentralization character of archive data storage and big number of surveillance centers, the system has a single control capability. Particularly has a single division of access rights and a single system of control priorities.

Software of workplace includes a professional geoinformational system that makes possible to display a city map, building plans and additional information. Moreover the geoinformational system makes it possible to display condition of different surveillance objects in real time.


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