Video surveillance at industrial enterprises

Video surveillance system at industrial enterprises are integrated with access control systems, security alarm system and fire alarm system and other automated systems of control and information collection.


Broadcasting and recording of the video with resolution of 500 T-lines is provided due to the use of modern shrinking algorithm JPEG2000. According to the conclusion made by Criminal Expertise Center of Ministry of Internal Affairs, video materials received with a help of the mentioned algorithm can be used when performing criminal expertise.

Video analytics

Video analysis algorithms that are realized in the system possess such functions as motion detectors and left things, identification of persons, car plates and smoke and fire detectors.

Network distributed architecture

NPP BELSOFT Inc. video surveillance system is based on multiservice digital data transfer networks; they may have elements of sub networks with different topology and physical transmission (DWDM, SDH, PON, Ethernet, xDSL and etc.) All sub networks are combined by one protocol – TCP/IP.


Modular and distributed architecture allow unlimited scalability of the system including all required parameters without ceasing its operation.

A storage depth is enlarged by the installation of additional archived servers. In order to increase the productivity it is possible to brought out system modules to separate servers.

High reliability and fail-safety

High reliability of video surveillance systems is achieved due to the use of special equipment and load balancing and monitoring of all its elements in each node.  Moreover it is possible to balance load and monitoring state of all elements.

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