Video surveillance at mobile objects

Transport is hazardous. That is why transport organization of visual control and video registration is an important issue in organization of passengers’ safety, securing cargo and transport vehicles.

Areas of application

Security system can be applied to all types of transport vehicles:

-railway transport, metro;

-public transport: buses, trolleybuses, trams, fixed route taxi vans;

- Intercity coaches and large goods vehicles;

-emergency services;

-transport of dangerous and valuable goods

- long-distance and small aviation;

- maritime and river transport.

Public transport security organization

The system registers data of all connected information recourses in off line mode; it works as a “black box”. These data can be exempted in the end of trips and analyzed in case of incidents.

A driver and personnel of cabin crew can control a situation and a technical state of a transport vehicle in real time by using interactive operation mode. Moreover it is possible to organize wireless connection with investigation center using mobile radio terminals, where the data will be transmitted continuously or upon demand. In such a case there is a possibility to make an effective instrument, which allows not only controlling the situation in mobile object but centrally making orders and managing logistics in real time.

System capabilities:

-telemetric data registration about technical situation of transport vehicle and other parameters;

-registration, and if necessary, organization of dual-sided audio connection inside a transport vehicle;

- Video surveillance and video registration;

- monitoring in real time via specialized terminal;

- Data transfer via wireless digital; communication channels in the center of investigation.

Universal digital communications provide transfer of audio, video information and telemetry and control any executive devices as part of the system.

The necessity to develop specialized equipment to be use at transport is connected with special operating conditions. A main problem:  an increased level of vibration, temperature drop and rate-of-change of temperature, unstable power supply. All mentioned aspects were considered during the development of a specialized server for mobile objects.

A wireless terminal an optional component that transfers data during vehicle movement or at parking places to the investigation center/data storage. In case if you need a continuous remote information reception a mobile operator network of GSM/CDMA standard is used, which allows data transferring during movement by using built protocols (DO/HSOP) of data transfer. In case of stationary data transfer it is comfortable to use such networks as Wi-Fi and WiMax that ensure high speed of data transfer.

An observation monitoris a terminal in driver’s compartment or crew with a simple comfortable interface, which ensures managed video monitoring and access to statistics and telemetry data.

An observation center

Due to the developed means of digital communication, an observation center can be organized at any comfortable place, where all information will be coming to from local data storage. Single storage allows searching by setting any parameters, analyzing quickly and gathering statistics that will help to optimize the work.

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