Video surveillance at the airport

Video surveillance at airports – progressive solution for visualization of radar information and monitoring belonging to the airport of air area, airfield and airport territory, built on the basis of video surveillance system for territorially distributed objects.

Active tasks:

-Television control of airfield and its adjacent territories.

-Recognition of air transport board through a digital indicator.

-Formation of Automatic System of Information Collection and Processing

-Quick search of air transport at runway and adjacent air area via radar data.

Television control of flying field and adjacent territory

Video surveillance system allows performing monitoring of the situation in real time. It is achieved via automated program motion detectors and detectors of left things allowing automatic synchronization and drawing attention of security personnel to changes.

Teleautomatic control of air area

Specialized cameras with long focal motorized lengths ensure accurate object maintenanceat air area and at flying field. In such a way the system ensures a possibility to perform an additional control of taking off or landing aircrafts.

Formation of Automatic System of Information Collection and Processing

Video surveillance allows formation of automatic system of information collection and processing, ensuring object-oriented control of the territory with a help of comfortable graphic interface based on Geographic Information System.

Visualization subsystem of control tower of video surveillance system has the following fuctions:

- display of territorial plan in zoom vector format, enclosing airport objects, cameras, sensors and alarm areas;

- visualization of all cameras state in real time mode (current meanings for tracking shooting, inclination, zooming and focusing, routing and other parameters);

- quick camera navigation at a necessary point is determined by the indicator set at a territory plan, where it is necessary to focus and also by a zooming level. Moving function can be performed by algorithm of automatic signalization of incidents;

-  choice of monitors, cameras, cameras location, motion trajectory and other programs by using comfortable graphic interface;

-  automatic routing of one or more agile cameras through target selection for automatic tracking after mobile objects;

- display of automatic system of information collection and processing of all necessary information about all aircrafts at control tower area, including airplane identification, its speed, height and flying direction.

Quick search of aircrafts at runway and adjacent air area via radar data

Tight integration with radar equipment allows transferring accurate coordinates of aircraft position and interprets this information to cameras for quick navigation and visual object detection. An operator working at control tower only needs to chose a targeted object at a monitor and cameras will automatically find it on ground or in the sky.

System components

- control equipment of control tower;

- all-weather controlled rotating platforms for video cameras;

- analogue and digital cameras of high resolution;

- network servers for registration and broadcasting of video, audio information and telemetry;

- network infrastructure (structured cable system based on digital fibber-optical network of data transfer);

- computing module for noncooperative identification of aircrafts boards.

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