Video surveillance in trade industry

A complex video monitoring system synchronizes data about cash transactions with video recording of what is going on at a cash desk. Due to the notification system about harmful or suspicious actions, the system allows automating analytics work. Nowadays the system can control such risk areas as entrances of back offices, self-service weigher, and antitheft systems.

When working with the system a security officer can:

- to categorize incidents by setting a specific “alarm priority”;

- to obtain easy and quick access to the necessary video clips, sorted by any events, classes, cashiers, goods and etc.

- set notification mechanism of entrusted employees (guards, It specialist, store management etc.)

- analyze reports generated by the system and detect peak values considering the number of certain operations, performed by cashiers;

- make regulations composing combinations of events based on a well-known pilferage scheme.

By using the system an analytic from Security Service can automate a whole process of pilferage prevention: from revelation of suspicious peak meanings in reports – to video review, sorted by needed event. As a result it is possible to disclose a scheme of thievery and to make a rule for its revelation.

The system can be useful if you need to analyze different aspects of trading enterprise operation for different issues:

- uncovering the reasons for decreased flow capacity of check out counter;

- estimation of efficiency of cashiers work (service rate, number of mistakes, ability to behave correctly in conflict situations)  - in order to make an effective system of personnel motivation;

- estimation of occupancy of cashiers in different shifts – in order to optimize a working schedule and raise efficiency of staff recourses;

- display of goods in demand.

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