Video surveillance in dwelling Areas

Consequently after large-scale implementation of “Secure city” project in Belarus, street crime is moving from central city streets to residential districts leading to increase of crimes in dwelling areas.

Different communities and organizations attempt to bring discipline to their territories independently.

Nowadays most of the built videosurveillance systems are not regulated. The systems hand-built and have cameras of low resolution.

NPP BELSOFT Inc. together with Russian company Vocord offers a new solution concerning security in dwelling areas – intellectual videosurveillnace with videoanalytics subsystem.


Broadcasting and recording of the video with resolution of 500 T-lines  is provided due to the use of modern shrinking algorithm JPEG2000. According to the conclusion made by Criminal Expertise Center of Ministry of Internal Affairs, video materials received with a help of the mentioned algorithm can be used when performing criminal expertise.

Video analytics

Video analysis algorithms that are realized in the system possess such functions as motion detectors and left things, identification of persons, car plates and smoke and fire detectors.

Network distributed architecture

NPP BELSOFT Inc. video surveillance system is based on multiservice digital data transfer networks; they may have elements of sub networks with different topology and physical transmission (DWDM, SDH, PON, Ethernet, xDSL and etc.) All sub networks are combined by one protocol – TCP/IP.


Modular and distributed architecture allow unlimited scalability of the system including all required parameters without ceasing its operation.

Assembling and maintenance friendliness

Portability and simplicity of network system video servers facilitates layout of analog communications and allows their installing close to video cameras. Further data transfer is performed digitally.

High reliability and fail-safety

High reliability of video surveillance systems is achieved due to the use of special equipment and load balancing and monitoring of all its elements in each node.



Video surveillance systems installed by NPP BELSOFT Inc. in dwelling areas solve typical problems: theft and other crimes, hitting alcohol and doing drugs, vandalism, car parking and walking dogs at playgrounds, pedestrian crossing etc, careless discharge of duties and other problems.

NPP BELSOFT Inc. uses only antivandalic cameras of high resolution with 160 observation angle when executing projects on video surveillance intellectual systems construction in dwelling area. Our specialists have experience in video surveillance cameras installation in lifts of various manufacturers, connecting cameras to television or computer network without limitations.

You can order a free observation of an object and demonstration of capabilities of the intellectual vide surveillance system by calling to (017) 208-97-37, (029) 653-52-13, (029) 760 17 22. We will prepare an effective inexpensive solution for you.

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