Video surveillance at schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, kindergartens

Very often we hear about vandalism, violence and crimes taking place at educational institutions. Repair, restoration and investigation require essential recourses. Solutions for videos surveillance access control from NPP BELSOFT Inc. help schools and universities to concentrate on their main function – education. Moreover you get economically effective facility that can be modernized in future and gives you:

- visual control of educational processes:

Video surveillance after educational process: control of adherence of educational and disciplinary standards. Detection of absence and smoking.

- protection functions:

Increased protection of property and antitheft measures in groups, cloak rooms, classes, stadiums and other facilities. Visual control of exterior building – walls, windows, emergency exits. Protection from vandalism and unauthorized penetration.

- online open lessons:

On-line lessons. An ill student can attend on-line lesson.

- equipment protection:

Video surveillance cameras can be additionally equipped with a special case.

- Autonomy operation:

A backup power source allows performing video surveillance with no electricity at te building.

NPP BELSOFT Inc. provides video surveillance system that ensures a remote access to video image in several branches from one place. A fully mounted system is easily connected to your current network infrastructure and computers, ensuring low installation and maintenance price.

Automatic alarm signals

In case of camera break or any noise or motion at buildings during off-duty hours guards receive an automatic notification from the system allowing them to estimate the situation and react promptly. If necessary it is possible to transfer a high quality picture directly to a patrol inspector or local police through internet or mobile devices.

Additional service video surveillance modules:

- Automatic detection and tracking system in noncooperative video conditions and further identification;

- Early smoke and supposed fire detection in video surveillance area;

- Intellectual detectors of motion and left/taken things allow achieving increased automation when performing protective video monitoring and situation control.

Video surveillance solutions and access control from NPP BELSOFT Inc. helped numerous universities and schools to improve their reputation as a whole.

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