Video surveillance for parking lots

Video surveillance for parking lots– a hardware and software complex, meant to organize a video control at parking lots.

A video control system allows resolving number of tasks:

1.      Providing security and performing territorial control;

2.      Real-time accounting of free parking places and presence of transport vehicles;

3.      Statistics gathering


-         Finding and counting occupied and vacant places;

-         Graphic identification of all parking places on the parking map;

-         Time calculation of transport vehicles parking;

-         Video surveillance;

-         Identification of improper parking.

A main advantage of the Parking system in comparison with other traditional systems is the simplicity in installation and maintenance. The system does not require the installation of special sensors at parking places; instead it uses installed cameras above a parking lot. This approach facilitates the implementation of the system at working parking lots and makes possible to change the configuration of the parking without expenses by a simple interactive customization of areas map to the images from video surveillance cameras.

Parking system can operate together with Traffic system that is installed on entry/exit from a parking lot and that provides the performance of the following additional functions:

-         identification of vehicle registration plates;

-          Identification of a transport vehicle according to color, class etc.

System components:

-         Video surveillance cameras;

-         Parking computer module;

-         Traffic computer module;

-         Video data archive;

-         APM of monitoring;

A computer module Traffic can use vehicles data base for automatic mode of passage to the territory of a parking lot in order to organize an access control system. In this case Traffic system can operate in three modes:

- Automatic identification of vehicle registration plates to check out with passage control database;

- Access control via passes and compliance test of a registration plate and outside appearance of a car with reference information; stored in AMCS data base and data connected with a pass number;

- Compliance control of outside appearance of a car and registration plate on entry and exit from a parking lot.

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