Video surveillance after forest fire

Video surveillance system offered by NPP BELSOFT Inc. is a powerful platform serving to create territorially-distributed video surveillance systems. A separate video server makes it possible to enlarge video analytical functions. Particularly in a new version of the product a new function of video analysis is performed - Smoke Detector – early recognition of smoke and possible fire in video surveillance area.

This new solution can be supplied as a component of video surveillance distributed system and as a configuration of compact autonomous system of smoke detection, when the installation of the system is performed at one computer.

Operating principle of smoke video detector

A module of smoke detector is realized as a part of observation video surveillance system and can be analyze video images from any types of cameras, connected to the system in real time.

Module operation is based on special algorithms of video information processing (multifactor analysis, statistical and geographical processing, smoke indications etc.), that allow registering smoke and supposed fire in video image. Herewith a great attention is paid in order to increase a number of false alarms. All key parameters of algorithms are adjustable that allows correcting the system operation considering the peculiarities of a place and control objects.



A smoke module detector has a range of competitive advantages:

- Resistance to various disturbances (in particular: movement of big and small objects in image);

- Synchronization with a tilting camera (a system can simultaneously work with a tilting camera);

- Short reaction time (a system needs less than one minute to detect smoke);

- Virtualization of troubling events (a smoke detecting module shows a place of smoke formation and real facts to the operator);

- Flexibility (a smoke detecting module can operate in a standalone mode or as a part of existing system of observation video surveillance);

-  Openness (a system is easily integrated with geographic information systems (GIS));

-  Operates in harsh environment (a system operates well in high temperatures, steam and dust);

- Unique solution (a smoke detecting system based on video surveillance is a unique means of fire resistance for woods).

System Architecture

This is a general structured scheme of the system with smoke vide detector, which controls smoke occurrence at large squares.

 Video cameras are placed high. A working place of an operator can be organized anywhere providing that network communications are made.

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