About the company

NPP BELSOFT, Inc. is a Belarusian company, launched in 1992 by young employees of Research Institute of Data Processing Machine (NII EVM) - young people who already had higher education in Mathematics and Technology and also being experienced in  administration, development, integration and operating in the field of networking, telecommunications and software.

In the beginning the company specialized only in its own developments. However when more technology effective solutions manufactured by foreign companies emerged in the market BELSOFT began to use their devices in its design and engineering solutions. From that moment the company started to promote advanced network and telecommunication technologies. BELSOFT has always strived to provide the fullest line of solutions and services for developing integrated systems of different complexity.

High proficiency of company specialists united in a friendly team and concluding agreements with world leading vendors of computer, network, telecommunication equipment and software enabled BELSOFT to implement a big number of large-scale projects on developing various corporate networks.

With the increase of staff, offices and dealers appeared in all regional cities and big district centres, the company achieved a prominent position in Belarusian market of information and computer technologies as a leading system integrator and distributor.

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Pritytskogo Str. 156, 220017 Minsk, Belarus, phone: +375 17 208 97 37, fax: + 375 17 208 96 36, е-mail: office@belsoft.by

IT System Integrator – information systems design; delivery, implementation and maintenance of software, hardware, peripherals and telecom equipment; IT-consulting; training and professional development for IT specialists.