Dell servers

Dell intends to simplify IT infrastructure by decreasing the expenses and complexity. The offered approaches enable to make everyday work of enterprises, based on innovations but not on long term goals. As a result enterprises work quicker, better and more effectively.

The priority of DELL is to create a full line of corporate solutions, enabling to decrease total cost of property and increase commercial viability of investments. In Dell website, corporate clients can find all necessary recourses and information about latest technologies, innovation services and prospective programs of collaboration.

Dell corporation offers all types of servers for business, including servers for rack installation, blade-servers, file-servers, print servers, network servers and virtualization centers.

Dell Power Edge servers based on compliant branch standards of architecture are simple and fully integrated helping to facilitate infrastructure and to increase effective use of information recourses.

Dell servers– secure, scalable servers that satisfy all necessities: from file processing and printing to virtualization.

General features of Dell server solutions:

Tower serversare suitable for enterprises, which intend to create their own server network. There is a possibility of growth as the enterprise develops.


  • Servers with one lot for dual core or quad-core processor and Tower case.

  • Servers for small working groups interested in first level servers.

  • Servers for growing small enterprises that need single-processor server of the first level to perform simple operations of general access to files, centralization and joint work.


For enterprises that require high productivity, flexibility, simplified system management and high efficiency.

For small and medium enterprises and remote offices interested in high fault withstandability and control simplicity.

For remote representative offices and growing enterprises that require exceptional virtualization capabilities and consolidation of servers, system management and efficiency of power consumption. The servers are designed to be exploited in usual office conditions.

Rack servers


Servers in tight case are ideally convenient for network infrastructure and web applications.

  • economic data processing centers for clients who need new technologies

  • Servers for small enterprises or for usage as special-purpose application server or boundary server at big corporations.

  • Web-servers of departments mail servers proxy servers and file servers.

  •  Servers for organizations that need systems with high density of installation into the rack, ensuring high readiness and increased memory size.


Servers used for virtualization, data bases and other applications with intensive usage of memory.

These servers are fully optimized for operation with exterior storage devices.

These servers are ideally convenient to be installed in server rooms, corporate center of data processing and remote offices.

  • Servers for business applications that require large memory resources.

Elite servers

Servers for corporate centers of data processing, ensure the operation of critically important applications where high productivity, reliability and scalability of input-output system are required.

These servers are optimized for virtualization, external storage unit, data base and for other applications with intensive memory use.

This class of servers ensures a transfer from RISC media and serves for important business-applications that require intensive computations.

Blade servers

Blade servers are developed in order to decrease a number of data processing centers and to simplify IT infrastructure. Blade server by Dell is a case for blade servers with one of the highest indicators of efficiency of energy consumption, flexibility and controllability in the market. Blade chassis ensure support of next generation of technologies for blade servers regardless of architecture of the processor and LSI assemble due to the flexibility and scalability.

Please visit the official website of Dell company for detailed information.

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