Fujitsu servers

Product line of Fujitsu Technology Solutions is diverse. It has inexpensive systems based on architecture and powerful UNIX-systems that are used to resolve special tasks.

PRIMERGY family has servers of standard architecture that are divided into:

·        PRIMERGYTXservers

PRIMERGYTXservers are deskside servers, developed on the basis of branch standards, are distinguished by exceptional efficiency, safety and highest level of performance. PRIMERGY TX servers are based on 20 years of experience in the field of production of ecologically effective solutions. As a result TX servers demonstrate leading productivity indicators per 1 watt of consuming power and allow decreasing negative influence on the environment and decreasing exploitation expenses. In this regard a utility room in many companies serves as a server room; a server case is ought to ensure not only maintainability or cooling but also efficient workability in such conditions. (It is possible to install systems of this type into a rack.) There are also interesting compact modifications (with decreased noise factor), meant to be installed at offices.

·        PRIMERGY RX servers

PRIMERGY RX servers are aimed to be installed into standard 19 bit industrial racks. RX systems are customized to different types of installations and usage: a single server in the rack of the exterior data processing center, corporate server farm, clusters, server application groups and etc. A range of hardware configuration is wide. In this series there are models based on Intel and AMD processors (Intel; CP AMD are mainly applied in economic models).

Blade Servers

Blade servers occupy twice as little space, consume thrice as little energy and are four times cheaper than usual servers of the same power. Fujitsu product line has separate systems (PRIMERGY BX) and complex solutions (PRIMERGY Blade Frame). These systems (like majority of blade solutions) are oriented on major computing centers with a big number of servers so they can be observed as essence of server developments. The servers offer great capabilities of enhancement and scaling (even in the level of any computing level, particularly by increasing the number of CP and due to the original construction of the case). PRIMERGY BX600 chassis is 7U high and there can be installed up to 10 blades, BX900 is 10U high and it is possible to install 18 blades. There are backup control modules including console module and others. There are several configurations of blades that differ in characteristics and price.

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