HPE servers

HPE servers are characterized by multifold technologies used, multifold models and architectural solutions. Due to these factors HPE offers a client a possibility to develop server platforms and to choose configuration that comply with the peculiarities of current tasks, productivity requirements, scalability, accessibility, cost and life time.

General features of HPE server solutions:

  • Intellectual functions of breakdown prevention. Installed tools capable to diagnose, predict and initiate system response to potentially to emergency conditions;

  • Software and hardware functions of recourse scaling allow to reconfigure server recourses in compliance with changing business requirements, loads, lineup of users and other conditions;

  • Realization of conception of real presence, i.e. full function remote control with no necessity of physical access to servers;

  • Presence of certified generic architectural solutions both for geographically distributed and centralized systems.





Tower servers



  • Oriented for autonomous use as a platform for independent or flimsy interconnected tasks.

  • Designed to be exploited in usual office conditions.

  • Realized on the basis of Intel® Itanium® 2, AMD Opteron™, Intel® Xeon® processors.

Rack optimized servers



    Oriented to be installed into the rack and for integration with other hardware components such as external RAIF, tape libraries, commutators,  uninterruptive power supply, for creation of the platform of data processing center complying with the peculiarities of current tasks.



  • Realized on the basis of Intel® Itanium® 2, AMD Opteron™, Intel® Xeon® processors.


Super scalable servers



    Oriented to resolve the most recourse-intensive tasks that require terabit information processing, productivity of thousands or millions transactions per minute, support of simultaneous operation of thousands of users, repeated scalability of recourses.



  • Realized on the basis of Intel® Xeon®2 processors.


Blade servers

  • Provide transfer from the concept of platform development based on numerous territorially dispersed servers for simple applications to consolidated processing center where every server is a platform with hot swap capability; boards are connected high speed buses and centralized power supply system, cooling system and management system.

  • Realized on the basis of Intel® Itanium® 2, AMD Opteron™, Intel® Xeon® processors.





NonStop servers



  • Provide full withstandability and linear scalability up to 4080 processors. The servers exclude interruption of application in case of any component breakdown.

  • Realized on the basis of Intel® Xeon®2 and MIPS processors.


Carrier grade servers

  • Designed for operation in racks together with telecommunication devices, operate in reduced voltage, direct current have special interfaces with telecommunication equipment and comply with standards.

  • Realized on the basis of Intel® Xeon®2, Intel® Xeon® processors.


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