IBM servers

IBM servers from legendary American manufacturer are well-known all over the world as secure and accessible IT solutions. IBM servers are simple in exploitation, possess good characteristics of energy saving and many configuration capabilities. The list of servers offered by IBM is represented by: System x, Power Systems, Blade Center, System I and System z.

NPP BELSOFT Inc. offers in the market of Belarus two classes of servers and a Blade center.

System x serversare big family of solutions that ensure perfect level of security and user friendliness. IBM server base on the platform Intel are capable to resolve the most crucial tasks – from execution of separate applications to construction of computing complexes and corporate data storage system.

By creating servers of a standard architecture, IBM used its rich experience of innovations in the field of building of server complexes. The conception of IBM X-Architecture and IBM Enterprise X- Architecture and server architecture of the third generation of IBM Xtended Design Architecture – is an integration of time proved technologies RISC systems and mainframes of IBM company into systems based on Intel processor. For example IBM offers exclusive systems on the x86 platform capable to develop 32 processor configurations.

System x servers are divided into:

Servers with Intel and AMD processors for rack installation. These servers of a standard architecture have a scaling capability of computing power as far as business grows. The main advantages of the servers are easy servicing, compatibility, traditional reliability of server IBM solutions for Windows and Linux.

Servers with Intel and AMD processors in a separate case. These servers have a standard architecture in a separate case and are ready to resolve a wide range of tasks.

High-performance Intel-servers.These are exceptionally reliable IBM Intel-servers meant for the construction of powerful computing centers for Windows and Linux, including large-scale cluster complexes that perform critically important 64-bit applications. One of the distinguishing features of such type of servers is a possibility to create Intel based on 32-bit computational node.

Power systems. IBM servers, based on processing architecture POWER, have the best high-performance and configuration flexibility standards for corporate Unix and Linux. The most advanced innovations are realized in the latest version of POWER processor. The advanced innovations make IBM RISC-servers a perfect choice for corporate media where high-performance and high-availability are important. Supplied IBM systems based on POWER processors offer top performance and module structure that are easy to increase according to the requirements of your business. The ensuring of performance gives you a possibility to concentrate on business-innovations without facing any difficulties because of limited capabilities and flexibility of your IT infrastructure.

A wide range of solutions by IMB Power Systems used for operation and allow ensuring high accessibility. These solutions have the following advantages:

·        simplified server control;

·        improved coordination of IT and business operations;

·        cost cutout on power supply;

·        increased flexibility, computing accessibility;

·        cost cutout on system administration;

·        cost cutout on power supply of data processing center;

·        reduction of  time for required services during weekends;

·        reduction of downtime in emergency situations;

·        Improvement in control of services and data processing centers.

 Blade Center.In comparison with other traditional server architectures, IBM Blade Center architecture is characterized by a better operation, lower power consumption, ease of maintenance, simple deployment and allow increasing the complexity and power of the system.

In 2002 IBM has started to supply blade systems, ever since Blade Center chassis remains unchangeable. It makes possible to protect investments of clients and gives an opportunity to increase recourses as far as business grows with use of the most advanced technologies.  It is possible to install blade servers with different types of processors - Intel® Xeon®2, IBM Power PC, AMD Opteron and integrated communators and storage systems from the following manufacturers Cisco, Nortel, Brocade, QLogic and McDATA.

IBM Blade-servers:

  • Tested advanced platform for IT infrastructure development of the company;
  • Module architecture ensures increasing of computing resources if necessary;
  • Long-term protection of investments with support of technologies of the future;
  • Wide ecosystem of partners, open specifications and standard components provide an exceptional flexibility of solutions;
  • To performance and functionality in power limited media;
  • Architecture with complete redundancy of all components for considerate improvement of RAS characteristics (security, accessibility, serviceability);
  • Advanced technologies of system management (IBM System Director) ensure automation of IT tasks and autonomous operation.
  • Simplicity and integratedness of the infrastructure ensure cost reduction.


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