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NPP BELSOFT Inc. offers a wide range of modern services and solutions concerning Information Security, suitable for protection of small and big government institutions, based on software products of such software manufacturers as Symantec, Kaspersky labarotory, Dr.Web.

Symantec Protection Suite Small Business Edition

It a simple and inexpensive solution of security and backup that is  fast and convenient to use. It is a perfect choice for small business and allows protecting infrastructure of an enterprise from actual threats. It protects workstations and servers from viruses and spyware, filters spam and phishing in electronic mails and allows quick data restoration in case of breakdown.

Symantec Protection Suite Small Business Edition

The solution creates secure media for end systems, message exchange systems and Internet use. This media is protected from modern complex malware, data loss and spam and can be quicly restored in case of failure. Symantec technologies help to decrease expenses on protection of media due to the presence of single console and to control risks more effectively.

Kaspersky Laboratory

Kaspersky Work Space Security

Solution for centralized protection of work stations and smart phones in corporate network and outside it from all types of modern computer threats. Kaspersky Work Space Security guarantees security of users, wherever they are: at office, at clients’ or on business trip by controlling all incoming and outgoing dataflow (emails, internet-traffic and network interactions).

Kaspersky Business Space Security

Best protection of company information recourses from modern internet-threats. Kaspersky Business Space Security protects work stations, smart phones and file servers from all types of viruses and Trojan software and internet worms, prevents viruses and ensures information security and immediate access of users to network recourses. The product is developed with account of increased requirements to servers, operating in high-load conditions.

Kaspersky Enterprise Space Security

It provides free exchange of information inside company and communications security with outside world. The solution protects work stations, smart phones and servers from all types of modern computer threats, removes viruses from emails, and provides information security and immediate secure access of users to network recourses.

Dr. Web

Dr. Web Enterprise Suite– unique complex with installed centralized management system of antivirus protection of work stations and Windows file servers and UNIX mail servers at enterprises of any scale.

Dr.Web Enterprise Suite has client-server architecture. Clients are installed into secured work stations and servers. Antivirus server ensures centralized administration of protection of work stations and Windows file servers and UNIX mail servers, including deployment, renovation of virus bases and software modules of components, network monitoring, notifications about viruses, statistics gathering.

The installation of antivirus server and deployment of antivirus network based on Dr.Web Enterprise Suite is simple and takes little time. Active Directory technologies are used primarily for deployment of antivirus network. These technologies are used in Windows servers. It is possible to use TCP/IP or IPX/SPX/IPV6/NetBIOS protocols to establish connection of antivirus server with antivirus agents, it allows deploying antivirus network with no changes to network architecture.

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