CA Software products and solutions

Computer Associates corporation (CA) markets its products and technologies as three strategic categories and six general solutions. This strategy is also know under the name “3x6 Strategy”.

Main goals of all offered solutions is provision of data security, efficiency restoration, growth of reliability and productivity of automated systems.

Three strategic categories are provided in the following spheres sparking the biggest interest in the world.

  • Business process management;

  • Business information management

  • Management of automated system, secure support all commercial processes that unite clients, partners and employees of an enterprise.

Over 1200 software products of Computer Associates are united into complexes under the following trademarks:

  • Unicenter

  • CA Spectrum

  • eTrust

  • BrightStor

  • CleverPath

  • AllFusion


Unicenter is generally acknowledged standard in the world industry of information technologies and is a corporate management solution being continuously improved by CA.

CA was the first corporation in the industry that offered module integrated solutions as Unicenter. All its components can function separately or together, giving users a possibility to adjust the growth of the software, which is in charge with management of corporate information infrastructure.

Unicenter helps a lot not only in management of difficult networks and personal computers but also in managing mobile devices, data bases and software applications.

CA Spectrum

CA Spectrum is one of the best platforms of information computing systems management. CA Spectrum can be used both in small and big networks that include distributed applications and data base, at the same time upper bound of network size is unlimited. Modularity of the solution allows choosing a configuration of the solution according to the requirements of each customer.  Basing on the experience of numerous implementations, a supplier offers 3 basic pre-determined configurations of CA Spectrum product, meant for solution of big-scale issues:

  • SPECTRUM Foundation – to build autonomous enterprise management systems;

  • SPECTRUM Standard – to manage territorially-distributed information systems;

  • SPECTRUM Premium – to use in big operators networks.

Any solution can be supplemented by accessible modules in order to provide necessary functionality. Moreover modularity of the development allows stepwise expanding the initially installed solution, coplying with growing business requirements.


eTrust offers reliable security, by placing CA to the leading positions as a provider of solutions on information protection and by protecting critical corporate recourses – from Internet-browser of personal computer to Web server and main frame.

eTrust offers special and best solutions in the field of information security solutions and integrated software packages, focusing on 3 directions: information security, secure internet access and information security management.

eTrust detects unauthorized activities in network and computers, performs administration and authentification, realizes infrastructure of public keys  (PKI), controls access and realizes virtual private networks (VPN). Herewith users, big-scale or small-scale enterprises, receive flexibility in adding new functions as and when necessary.


BrightStor is a leading solution in data storage system management. These technologies help users to manage their data and protect them. Backup with no server use, storage area network, SAN and backup functions are fully integrated with CA operation of corporate information infrastructure solutions, provide users with unique backup and recovery technologies and are easy to use. 

CleverPath and AllFusion

CleverPath and AllFusion combine all CA system management solutions, including solutions in transformation and integration processes when using electronic business, management of data portals and knowledge, predictive analysis and visualization. There is a solution for every customers’ needs:

  • When customers start to use a new level of automation (eBusiness), they need to develop new applications and integrate them with existing systems, processes and applications. CA helps customers to develop, implement, test and support integrated applications and data bases that are necessary for electronic business activities support.

  • Moreover CA helps enterprises to quickly and efficiently react to market needs. CA solutions in data portal management and knowledge decrease time spent on search, selection and information fusion. Information receivers see what they need, when they need. Moreover it is also possible to choose the format.

  • Eventually patented intellectual CA technology with its wide circle of capacities help enterprises to find new ways of attaining the goals. When using CA technology, enterprises can analyze behavioral patterns of customers, and find new ways of selling goods and services and distinguish their differences from competitors’ products by having a better understanding about customers.

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