Operating Systems and Office Software Suite

Operating systems market is represented by two main classes:

  • Unix and Unix similar systems (HP-UX, AIX, Linux)

  • Microsoft Window

NPP BELSOFT Inc. uses systems of the following manufacturers: Microsoft, HP, IBM, Novell and others.

A leader in this segment is Microsoft.

Microsoft Windows operating server systems

Windows server provides powerful tools by helping all organizations to increase the controllability, accessibility and flexibility in compliance with changing requirements of business. Web-tools, virtualization technologies, control facilities and expanded capabiulities of scaling save the time, cut expenses and provide a secure platform to create organization’s IT infrastructure

Client-based operation systems

By making Windows operation system Microsoft offers a basis to create a convenient interaction environment for users with applications, services and tools. Simultaneously with these systems Windows allows increasing productivity of work of users, wherever they are and also it provides tools for effective control of personal computer for IT specialists.

Office software suite

Microsoft Office composes client-based and server applications and services that are aimed to increase work efficiency of separate employees and organization as a whole. Mocrosoft Office provides convenient and simple tools to increase personal productivity and simplify team work, to optimize business-processes and document flow and to perform business analysis.

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