Software products and HP solutions

NPP BELSOFT Inc is a partner of Hewlett-Packard (HO) with Preferred Partner Gold status. NPP BELSOFT Inc. offers different HP products in its solutions.

Today HP is one of the biggest manufacturer and supplier of software. The company possesses a wide exploration portfolio to resolve many issues concerning control automation in IT and telecommunication spheres.

HP software products and solutions

IT Management Software

Information Management software

Business Intelligence solutions

Communications and media solutions

Optimization of IT for enterprises business tasks.

Each investment in IT, each dedicated recourse, each developed application or implemented service are oriented to provide business-tasks

Optimization of information business recourses.

Information assurance in compliance with business requirements. Storage, search and security policies.

Optimization of business productivity.

Complete early analysis in order to improve indicators of business efficiency, labor productivity

Optimization and innovation of sectors.

Creation of new profit recourses through personalization and saturation of services, increasing of effectiveness and management of business with provision of confidentiality and loyalty of clients

Services (Consulting, Training, SaaS and support)

The quickest and fullest realization of profits and advantages from implementation of HP software products and solutions.

Portfolio of HP software solutions to manage IT

Business results




Quality Control





Management of business-processes


Automation of business-processes

Management of IT services


Project & Portfolio













ApplicationSecurity Center











Businessavailability Center




Network Management center


ClientAutomation Center









Service Management center










Configuration Management Service (Federated CMDB)

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