IT infrastructure designing

Successful achievement of strategic goals of any enterprise requires modern IT infrastructure.
IT infrastructure should have high output and should be secure, flexible, scale and effective.

NPP BELSOFT, Inc, offers development or modernization services of the actual information infrastructure for enterprises of any branches.

Data network design.

NPP BELSOFT, Inc. offers it customers a full service of local and corporate data network design. Such services include customer’s site survey, solution concerning the choice of equipment that will be used in the project, production project development; project documents preparations in compliance with current legislation. Moreover specialist from NPP BELSOFT,  Inc. can assist a customer with technical task preparations for designing at a pre-design stage. All further works will be performed referring to this stage.

Successful realization of the project directly depends on production project successful development. NPP BELSOFT, Inc. meets these requirements in full measure due to:

•    Big experience in implementation of similar works
•    Persistent cooperation with leading manufacturers of equipment and possession of relevant statuses and specializations
•    Readiness to bear responsibility for the end result
•    High professional skills of employees who have high certificates of leading world manufacturers of network and telecommunication equipment
•    Good knowledge of current telecommunication pipeline

Electrical network design

NPP BELSOFT, Inc. offers a wide range of services in the field of designing, construction and reconstruction of electrical power equipment and electrical lighting, electrical power supply of local computing and telephone network systems for enterprises and organizations of the Republic of Belarus. NPP BELSOFT, Inc. has become one of the leaders in the field of designing and construction of systems and electrical power supply networks, electrical power equipment and electrical lighting, local computing and telephone network systems due to the rich experience, high professional skills of its personnel and hard requirements to the quality of works.

Designing of electrical power supply, electrical power equipment and electrical lightening networks, electrical power supply of local computing and telephone networks is performed in compliance with legislative and normative-technical international documents and documents of the Republic of Belarus and current construction standards. Works and services are performed under special permission (license) issued by the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of the Republic of Belarus.
All equipment for network designing is selected according to peculiarities of the building and customer requirements. Our specialists always intend to find the best technical solution according to the customer budget, taking into consideration market trend for high technology. Our specialists have all necessary normative-technical information, experience and are ready for mutually beneficial cooperation with design and other organizations for designing and construction of electrical installations in buildings and competitive growth of implemented projects.
We will consult and provide information support, assist with “Task designing” preparations.


Specialists from construction and mounting department of our company have practical experience in construction of computing and telephone networks, fiber lines, electrical power supply and ground systems with the use of the latest high technology mounting. We have the license to perform electrical mounting works issued by the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of the Republic of Belarus. Our specialists use high quality, technological and ecologically friendly materials when performing the mounting. Works are performed by trained mounters who are managed by certified site supervisors. Our specialist takes into account all peculiarities of architecture and interior scenes of the building thereby satisfy our customers’ needs.

Warranty and Maintenance services

NPP BELSOFT, Inc. company service center perform warranty, post warranty maintenance services and repair of electrical power supply, lightening systems, ground systems of local computing and telephone networks.

Electrical and instrumentation trial laboratory

NPP BELSOFT, Inc. has a trial laboratory. Laboratory measures parameters of optical communication cables, city telephone cables, symmetrical and high frequency communication cables. The laboratory complies with the requirements of accreditation system of trial laboratories of the Republic of Belarus.
If you want to create and modernize your electrical power supply network of electrical power equipment and electrical lightening, local computing and telephone networks and if you are interested in ensuring an optimal quality, you can fully rely on NPP BELSOFT, Inc.

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