Information security

NPP Belsoft, Inc. offers services in estimation of IT-infrasructure security, ensuring the security of corporative networks and business continuity, moreover it offers the performance of information security (IS) audit.

The result of the work is documentary development of an action plan, that allows to optimize enterprise IT-infrastructure in supporting business continuity and ensuring information security resulting in the reduction of service spending and in support of functioning of the enterprise information platform.

NPP BELSOFT Inc. offers the following services: evaluation the security structure ensures security of  Analysis of IT infrastructure safety:

•    Examination of general aspects of information infrastructure security;
•    Examination of documentation (traditional audit);
•    Test-points to reveal vulnerability (heuristic audit);
•    Imitation of potential violator actions;
•    Elimination of defects in settings of the equipment;
•    Recommendations on elimination of detected vulnerabilities.

Analysis of the system that ensures business continuity (according to ISO 27001):

•    Examination of enterprise infrastructure;
•    Determination of critical business-processes;
•    Documentation examination on support and recovery of business continuity in case of exception cases;
•    Stress-tests to define the level of business continuity warranty ensuring;
•    Analysis of the potential damage in case of exception cases;
•    Reaction plan on incidents and recovery of critical business-processes.

Development and implementation of IS control system (According to ISO 27001, ISO 17799):

•    Examination of enterprise infrastructure and business processes;
•    Analysis of incident risks in IS.;
•    Development of IS concept and IS policy of enterprise
•    Introduction of control mechanism of execution of documents;
•    Analysis of IS before and after IS control system implementation.

Preparation for international audit VISA PCI DSS:

•    Examination of the documentation in the field of IS, entitled in audit;
•    Personnel training on  information security aspects;
•    Partial performance of preliminary audit PCI DSS or full performance;
•    Recommendations on elimination of inconsistencies

Moreover NPP BELSOFT Inc. offers its customers to perform information security audit to analyze the current security state of the information system.

Information security audit allows obtaining an objective and independent evaluation of the information system security.
The results of the audit serve as a base for formation of further strategy of enterprise information security development.
During audit we perform technical examination of computing structure in security sector, security evaluation, provision of business continuity, IS development policy and programmes of its implementation, preparations for security audit for further introduction of payment plastic cards.

IS technical audit (according to ISO 27001/ISO 17799).

•    Examination of enterprise infrastructure and corporate network construction;
•    Examination of current mechanisms of computing platform security;
•    Performance of stress-tests to detect intrusion into corporate network infrastructure;
•    Recommendations on minimization and elimination of detected vulnerabilities.

Now therefore after the performance of information security audit the customer is provided with a detailed report of detected vulnerabilities and detailed recommendation of their elimination.

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