Consulting in the sphere of information technologies – is an expert assistance in developing effective computing and telecommunication platform to ensure enterprise activity, its control and development.

In the construction of the information platform, its modernization or development some questions arise.

•    What is a proper way to build a computing structure in order to make it modern and sufficient for all managing and accounting applications and at the same time to make it operational in future?
•    What types of computers an accountant and an engineer require?
•    What standard should be used in order to build a company multiservice network? How to continue the development of the computing network?
•    How many recourses should be planned for a year modernization program of working places and network?
•    How is it possible to define information structure capacity?
•    What accounting programs or corporate information systems are the most effective?

Only companies that are specialized in computing structure development that have close connections with a supplier of products and innovative solutions, companies that provide IT-consulting services can assist in finding a required solution. NPP BELSOFT, Inc. offer consulting services that help a business partner to get the best output in information technologies in the field of:

•    Projecting and construction of corporate computing networks,
•    Complex audit of customer’s enterprise network information structure (including network security),
•    Choice of hardware platform and a software supplier,
•    Service and technical support.

What will you win by addressing to NPP BELSOFT, Inc.?

•    Experience of the experts in building computing and telecommunication systems.
•    Surveying of the actual information structure, review of current state and suggestions for development strategy with ranging, assistance in in choosing the best option.
•    Conceptual structure projecting, both for basic type and detailed type of equipment or software that can be used for IT projects.
•    Conceptual study and specification of the effectiveness of new technologies implementation.
•    Assistance in choice of corporate information system.


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